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Phillip Clement VP Enterprise Sales EMEA SessionM

How can we get the 'Happy Chewbacca' effect?

On May 19th of this year Candace Payne a stay at home Mum uploaded a video of herself while sitting in her car…nothing remarkable about that - what is remarkable is that within six days the video gained over 145 million views, 3.2 million shares and 2.6 million reactions and became the most viewed Facebook Live video ever.  This is not a story of a viral video, far from it, this is big hairy sign that the way people engage has changed - but this is not news! Everyone says “things have changed” - reports, blogs, white papers, surveys, thought leaders and all the rest have been banging on about how mobile, ubiquitous access to the internet, social sharing and community generated content have all come together to completely disrupt traditional ways of doing business especially in B2B and retail environments.

So if everyone knows all this stuff, why are brands taking so long to respond? Possibly because most businesses think tactically and deliver against tangible projects - building an app, getting a mobile website, getting a responsive site, getting a loyalty program, getting eCommerce, or building a single customer view, all developed in isolation and not as part of a cohesive business strategy to engage customers personally and at the right moment.

The bad news is that even after all this work brands are missing out on huge opportunity to connect with their customers on a one-to-one basis, in context and with hyper relevant offers or with personalised ads and content that capture, inspire and engage with the same power as Candace! They’re also missing out on being able to harness the collective power of all their digital systems; CMS, App, point of sale, social media, customer database, loyalty and eCommerce - instead leaving customers with disconnected and disjointed customer journeys. 

The good news is that there is thriving technology out there that is delivering against this challenge, supercharging engagement and personalisation, connecting up all the current technology brands have deployed and giving marketers the ability to respond in real-time to customers with the right offer in the moment of most impact.    

Cracking the code to all this change will take just two things:  The first is to move away from tactical, piecemeal project delivery towards a strategic, agile approach and the second is to embrace and try out new, exciting technology and vendors with speed rather than sticking to the apparent safety the ones you know, using outdated, drawn-out procurement processes.  

Manage this, and all your campaigns could have the impact of “Happy Chewbacca”!