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Jordan Slabaugh VP Marketing Wayin

How can brands use social visualization to help engage customers?

The world consumers now live in is noisy. On any given day, any given individual is flooded with messages across email, print, broadcast, outdoor and digital channels — and that’s without counting personal communication.

As a result, brands have simultaneously fragmented and converged their marketing efforts in attempts to reach customers in relevant ways. As Rebecca Lieb, Industry Analyst at Altimeter Group, highlighted in a recent white paper, the key to this relevancy is context: “The more marketing can be targeted in context, the better – and more relevant – the customer experience.”

Embracing real-time social through visualizations is increasingly one of the most powerful ways for brands to engage customers — when, where and with what is most personally relevant.  

Activating “the Now”

Modern consumers live and engage in the moment. Digital and social media have removed communication time barriers and limitations. Focusing on immediacy is the crucial new reality for marketers. From discovering and showcasing social conversations from real-time events and experiences to surfacing current cultural trends complementary to customers’ lifestyle, brands have an opportunity, and imperative, to activate “the now” for customers.  

Dunkin’ Donuts used the concept of activating “the now” by integrating a multi-channel visual, social activation with the brand’s loyalty program during football season. By engaging customers with timely opinion polls and opportunities to voice predictions before, during and after games, Dunkin’ Donuts creatively connected a customer lifestyle interest to its brand in real time, rewarding those who engaged with perks like digital acknowledgement of winning predictions and top leaderboard notoriety. The engagement activated the moments customers cared most about, and in return, Dunkin’ Donuts built top-of-mind awareness and drove membership for its loyalty program.

Dunkin’ Donuts used real-time social-visual marketing across multiple channels to engage and reward consumers

In the era of social, staying current is the new currency for marketers.  

Jordan Slabaugh, VP Marketing, Wayin

Empower the Voice of Your Customers

A brand is only as meaningful as its customers perceive. More importantly, a brand’s strength is rooted in what its customers say about it. With social, this conversation is both constant and more public than ever. And what’s more, customers want to be heard. Providing consumers with interesting and/or incentive-driven opportunities to engage in social conversations propels word of mouth, and it can build deeper, more loyal relationships.  

Blizzard Entertainment regularly uses social media to connect with their fan base and to encourage them to participate in product launches. Recently, they used a 9-week visual social campaign on websites and at events to encourage fans to vote and speculate on a new online game expansion. By doing so, they created excitement and engagement, with fans voting more than 260,000 times and posting to their social channels more than 75,000 times. As a result, the game expansion was a success and their registered global fan base grew substantially.


Blizzard Entertainment used a unique visual social voting experience to play on rivalries and loyalties and to encourage fans to visit and vote

Integrating Interaction on Every Screen

Mass media remain powerful channels for brands due to their expansive reach of any one message to consumers. However, what they often lack is the dynamic nature to both inform and interact with an audience at once.  While a brand’s goal may be only to push a message, their customer now holds the power of choice — to fast forward through a TV segment, to choose to visit a news aggregator versus specific news outlet site or choose to change channels because their experience was impersonal or irrelevant. Integrating dynamic interaction choices such as polls, visualized trends and contests gives customers the power to engage anywhere, on any device, at any time and in any way most compelling to them.

The Denver Broncos have a thriving community of fans, and fostering the growth of the community at the local and national level is a top brand priority. By integrating and visualizing social interaction opportunities across every fan-facing screen, the Broncos have propelled fan engagement on multiple channels from coast to coast and heightened community loyalty.

In the era of social, staying current is the new currency for marketers. And delivering this real-time relevance directly to customers in a visually inspiring and compelling way has become a mandate.

How is your brand rising to the social occasion in 2015?