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Stacy Goodman Curalate

How Millennials are Transforming the Travel Industry


Humor me for a minute. If a tree falls in a forest and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? I’d argue that this same logic can be applied to modern day travel. No matter how sacrosanct your personal week in paradise is, no travel experience is complete without a feed full of photographic evidence. Planning a trip to Tahiti? Show me a picture of your stilted bungalow or it never actually happened.

For brands, greater consumer access to channels and content are creating unique opportunities to reach, engage and drive bookings among a new generation of millennial travelers. Compared to those who came before, millennials have avidly adopted social communities, digital channels and mobile technologies. Gen Y is also the largest living generation in the U.S., and by 2017, they’ll carry the majority of the spending power.

Explore how millennials are reshaping the travel industry with this infographic.

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