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Bob Walczak CEO Light Reaction

Outcome Advertising

What happens when you combine branding with performance advertising? You get outcome based advertising. This wasn’t meant to be a trick question, but it seems to be a notion that evades our industry. Branding seems to be described best with the old Wanamaker phrase "Half my advertising is wasted, I just don't know which half." On the other hand, performance advertising doesn’t even get its own quote, it’s just relegated to being described as annoying pop-up ads placed blindly on low cost, sometimes questionable content. I propose we change this. I propose we do what our industry is known for and reframe, reposition and update our thinking.

Branding campaigns must perform. Without performance, there can be KPIs that are not met, an “outcome” that was not delivered, and a budget that gets cut. Performance is more binary in that one party takes the media risk and the other party gets their outcome. If it works, we spend as much as we can, but if it doesn’t work, we move on. But, under no circumstance do we ask where those ads were placed or expect transparency.

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